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DBA vs. Developer January 16, 2007

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A database administrator (DBA) is a person who is responsible for the environmental aspects of a database. In general, these include:

  • Recoverability – Creating and testing Backups
  • Integrity – Verifying or helping to verify data integrity
  • Security – Defining and/or implementing access controls to the data
  • Availability – Ensuring maximum uptime
  • Performance – Ensuring maximum performance given budgetary constraints
  • Development and testing support – Helping programmers and engineers to efficiently utilize the database. 

A software developer is a person who is concerned with one or more facets of the software development process, a somewhat broader scope of computer programming or a specialty of project managing. This person may contribute to the overview of the project on the application level rather than component level or individual programming tasks. Software developers are often still guided by lead programmers but also encompasses the class of freelance software developers.

When I read some text, they always say this “Well there is always a conflict between developers & DBAs. They always accuse each other. However they should work together. Remember, it is a team work that produce quality work and strength.” Is it true? 🙂 Is there such a conflict?

Nowadays, I want to learn more information about dba and developers. Because I guess, I am going to need to make a choice between these areas in the future. Can a person be an DBA/Developer or something? Do we have to make a such a choice?

Tom Kyte says :

 “You have four kind of persons.
– You have the Oracle6 DBA, who says always NO
– You have the Developer, who does not care about database
– You have the DBA/Developer, who understand the logical structures like IOT/Hash Cluster
– You have the Developer/DBA, who understand the database” 🙂

references and links to read about DBA vs. Developer.



http://www.oraclealchemist.com/oracle/the-great-divide-dbas-and-developers/ by Tonguc



8 Responses to “DBA vs. Developer”

  1. After OracleTURK Turkcell part-time position invitation mail, this post will be a reference Ozay, thank you first of all.

    I personally feel to be classified in the “Developer/DBA” category. In my opinion anyone who calls himself as a good DBA must have a development experience.

    Also both profile makes difference if they are after two important things;
    1- what is available with Oracle – read the documentation part –
    2- understanding how things are physically implemented with Oracle – bind variable or locking examples –

    Understanding both profiles needs, feelings is fatal in the success of the projects; http://tonguc.yilmaz.googlepages.com/why-do-projects-fail.jpg

  2. […] Özay Akdora, another Oracle newbie on DBA vs. Developer […]

  3. Raza Syed Says:

    DBA’s always have issues with Developers. The most basic reason I have seen is that they since they are not developers, they cannot think like one. Which creates miss-understandings and nothing gets done.
    I have seen companies prosper where DBA’s cannot make developement decisions and creates tables, orders on demand.

    Lots of times one issue is the age gap. If DBA is a baby boomer, He/She may tends to clinge to the technology of his time and is scared that future development will make his job a history. Which is true in one sense because companies today do not need many DBA’s as they did before.

  4. okey Says:

    After OracleTURK Turkcell part-time position invitation mail, this post will be a reference Ozay, thank you first of all.

  5. hgdba Says:

    I am agree with the opinion that good DBA should have Developer experiences. In today market, most employer require DBA to do coding too. So it is like become super Oracle people. Pay one get two. 🙂

  6. Aditya c Says:

    very informative

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