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Oracle Certifications? January 26, 2007

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Nowadays, Dear H. tonguc Yilmaz is preparing for OCM. Good luck to him:) If he success, he will be in this list.

What are these Certifications?

  • Oracle Certified Associate (OCA): The associate credential is designed for IT professionals beginning to work with Oracle. Typically, OCAs will already have acquired the foundation of knowledge for their work as Web administrators, database administrators and developers. Oracle views the OCA credential as an appropriate starting point for techies early in their careers. “By earning an OCA certification, you can have increased entry-level job opportunities,” says Oracle’s OCA candidates guide. “It is the stepping-stone to starting a successful career as an Oracle professional.”

  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): OCPs generally have achieved a degree of experience and success in their careers. For example, developers may have demonstrated their expertise by managing a large-scale Oracle database or developing applications used throughout a company. This credential is seen as a way to move on to senior-level positions.

  • Oracle Certified Master (OCM): The OCM credential can be summed up in a single word: Guru. OCMs, whether database pros or developers, are crucial members of IT departments who handle mission-critical projects and tasks. The OCM credential “significantly raises the bar” for certification with its hands-on testing, according to an article in Oracle Magazine, a company publication. “The OCM is Oracle University’s response to the industry’s need to effectively test candidates on their ability to perform in a real-world, live application environment and is a test of both knowledge and experience,” the article notes.

Other Oracle Certification Tracks

  • Oracle Database Operator (DBO)
    Database Operators assist DBAs with day to day operational issues like database startup and shutdown, installations, backup and recoveries, etc.

  • Internet Application Developer (Release 6 or 6i)
    Oracle developers using Oracle iDS (Internet Developer Suite) Forms and Reports.  
  • Oracle Java Developer (JDEV)
    Developers using the Java platform. Oracle participates in the multi-vendor jCert Initiative.

Some OC Resourses

  • Oracle University offers instructor-led, self-paced learning courses.
  • Self Test Software provides practice tests endorsed by Oracle. The tests are designed to help those pursuing certification target areas where they need practice and additional knowledge.
  • Oracle Magazine regularly includes articles geared towards IT pros seeking Oracle certification.
  • DBAzine.com is an online community for database issues.
  • SearchOracle.com is a clearinghouse for Oracle articles.
  • OraBlogs aggregates Oracle blogs.
  • Oracle FAQ is for Oracle products and includes links to books, message boards and other resources.
  • Oracle Headline News provides the latest from the Oracle world.
  • Database Journal contains a special Oracle section.

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